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Life on the Fringe

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Life after the Fringe [Aug. 26th, 2009|11:06 am]
Life on the Fringe

By Phil King 

The Fringe is fun and it is a world unto itself to some degree, but there is a life outside of it that sometimes feels elusive.  Shows can have an amazing festival, burn brightly, and never be seen again.  Everyone hankers after news that means the show can live on, be that in terms of a direct transfer, extra rehearsal space and time or simply a small gesture of good-will in the direction of improving the show for future audiences.  I fully concede that some shows do come up to Edinburgh as an end in itself - to learn from the experience of running a show for a month and how to 'sell' a show to the general public.  University companies benefit, as we once did, from seeing the wider world outside of University walls and facing the criticism the larger arena has to offer.  However, for the majority of companies, seeking to find a way to keep making and developing work is a key Fringe aim.

Our company, Rough Fiction, have just been made associates of 'The Point' in Eastleigh headed by the vivacious, razor-sharp and friendly Gregory Nash.  On meeting him you're struck by the sense this man knows what he's talking about, yet is also quite content to talk about anything that comes up.  I've always been slightly scared by 'networking' but when it comes down to talking about your piece with someone who is genuinely interested, it feels easy.  Networking is an important part of the Fringe and however strange that may feel at times, those times it does feel right to do, it becomes not only easy but useful.  This may be all due to Gregory's inter-personal skills and I admit it's easy to feel relaxed when things are going your way but we're genuinely chuffed to be involved with the theatre and with him.  He's off to the Young Vic soon to take up a new and exciting role but will keep links with us to help question our work and make it better.  Which is ultimately what it's all about, making things that are genuinely good that inspire an audience.  Growing and improving beyond the Fringe has always been our aim and now we have a route to achieve that, many other pieces here will have already found routes for themselves and others may well find it before the festival's out.  It's one reason the Fringe is as exciting as it is and certainly makes it all worthwhile.

Pictured above right: The Point, Eastleigh

"Killing Alan" will be performing at the Underbelly's Big Belly, August 6-30 (not 18th) at 16:40. Box Office: Smirnoff Underbelly - 0844 545 8252 / www.underbelly.co.ukwww.roughfiction.com

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From: (Anonymous)
2009-08-28 07:40 pm (UTC)
Congratulations. Well earned, I'm sure
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